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Q&A: Why Meditate?

Today, I write in an attempt to answer the question: Why meditate?

First, we must define what meditation is, and I can only share what is meant by "meditation" as referenced in all things Rounding Edges. To that, I say: meditation is an umbrella term for the tools and techniques utilized in order to realize our deepest nature.

All of us - whether conscious of it or not - are seeking contentment, or what could be called lasting peace and happiness. We try to attain it through objects, substances, relationships, places, achievements, etc., but with wisdom we come to realize it cannot be found through experiences of the world.

Once we become aware that nothing experienced can bring us the peace we seek, we begin to look in the only remaining direction, namely, within (i.e., the experiencer), and thus have begun to meditate.

Meditation is carried out until we realize and come to rest in/as our deepest nature where peace is inherent. In so doing, the fruit of meditation has been reaped and its subsequent use is only to remove ignorance if time has again veiled our understanding.

Meditation is action; that which it leads towards is a state of non-action, of simple being/existence/awareness - the gem which is our deepest nature and the source of the peace and happiness which we sought.

Wheat Field with Cypresses
Wheat Field with Cypresses - Vincent Van Gogh

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