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Letting-Go Meditation

Today I would like to share with you a meditation, as well as how I like to set up and prepare for meditation!


I don't believe that there is one right way to meditate, or even that one way is more beneficial than another. Below is a way that I like to meditate, I call it "letting-go meditation" - maybe you try it out in full, use some specific pieces, or simply use reading this article as a form of meditation in and of itself!

Watercolor painting of a woman meditating on blanket

Let's Meditate

1. Create the Environment

Having a designated space.

Go to or create a space where you have privacy and will not be disturbed for the duration of your meditation. This might mean using a specific room in the house, finding a place outside or at a park, leaving your phone in another room, telling others you are going to be meditating for a period of time, giving the dog a bone to chew on, or asking a partner to look after the baby for you. Do what you need to do in order to truly create a window where you will be free from outside disturbances.

Get comfy.

Put on some comfortable clothes, bring a blanket, maybe sit by a window with a nice view, light a candle, feel some sun on your skin, or put some plants in the room around you if indoors. Sit however you like; crosslegged on a couch, upright in a chair, laying on the floor/grass/yoga mat, use a pillow to support your back - whatever feels nice for your body. Find a position in which you can stay comfortably for a period of time.

2. Letting Go

Once set up in your space and comfortable; use this meditation to let go, surrender, and relax.

Maybe close your eyes.

Feel the weight of the body and the pull of gravity.

Become aware of the rise and fall of the chest with every inhale and exhale.

Hold pure, broad, awareness of all that is taking place both within the body and outside it.

Become aware of sounds around you.

Of smells.

Accept and allow any pain or discomfort in the body to rise up and settle.

Let go more deeply, not trying to change anything,

being totally at peace with the way it all is.

Just noticing.

Rest here.

Being with whatever is:


What sounds are taking place around you?

Sensations in the body.

What sensations can you feel within the body?


What emotions are present within the heart?


What thoughts are taking place in the mind?

Allowing it all to be. Surrendering any control. Accepting it. Embracing it. Letting the river flow.

Be still. Just observe. Observe and fully accept and allow; emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, and feelings. Relax. Sink into. Let go.

Don’t run away from. Don’t distract away from. Don’t cover up. Those are reactive responses to discomfort.

Maybe follow any inner sensations within the body.

Where do they go?

Where are they coming from?

Not trying to do anything, just observing what is and what happens openly, curiously, and acceptingly.

Not trying to do anything. Wherever it is is where it’s supposed to be, whatever it’s doing is what is needed and supposed to be happening.

Gratefully and lovingly accepting and allowing what is. Saying, “yes” and letting go, surrendering.

Maybe visualizing a tightly gripped fist relaxing, letting go, and opening up.

Letting go and opening up in the mind.

Letting go and opening up in the body.

Letting go and opening up in the heart.


Stay with this for as long as you like. Repeat as many times as you like.


What did we experience?

We might have found this a very pleasant experience that was peaceful, restful and joyful.

We might have found there was some discomfort in the beginning. There may be strong emotions, sensations, and energies within the mind or body. That's okay. That's where, when, and why we practice relaxing and letting go. To let them be and not be resisted. And after maybe 10-15 minute of letting go, allowing whatever we are experiencing to rise up and settle, we begin to feel lighter, more at peace, and pleasant.

We may have found that the mind was very active and we kept getting pulled into thinking. That's okay too, just keep coming back to the practice whenever you realize you were pulled away into thinking.

Take some time to reflect for yourself.

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This is such a helpful guide. Thank you!

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