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The Laughing Buddha

Statues, Videos, and their Teachings for us all.


Have you ever seen this statue before, or some iteration of it? I'm sure many of you, like myself, have seen it often at garden shops, in knick knack stores, at a museum, or in peoples' front lawns. I always liked the look of this little guy but I never knew the story behind it nor who this person was!

State of Hotei the laughing buddha


Well the other day I stumbled upon this youtube video and not only found an answer, (one of many I'm sure) but also a very lovely story and powerful teaching for us all. I hope you enjoy this story and think of it any time you spot one of these statues throughout your days.

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Lauren Meidl
Lauren Meidl
29 thg 5

Thank you - this made my day! I always wondered about this when I saw these little fellas in trinket stores.

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